Sunday, July 27, 2008

Getting Ready to Ship

We have selected the first six pieces to send to AKAR. At the beginning of the year Bulldog Pottery was asked to be featured artist for the month of August 29 - September 19 month. The two studio potters that will be showing their new works that month are Sequoia Miller and Sam Taylor . Before we pack and ship the pieces to Iowa, we like to document and take the measurements. Make sure you check out Michael Kline's recent show at AKAR. If you like the looks of the caliper Bruce is using he bought it from Garrett Wade tools. This is one of his favorite catalogs to peruse in the morning while waking up with a cup of coffee.


Jen Mecca said...

I'm enjoying checking in on your blog.I think I found out via Micheal Kline's blog. I use to work for Sid, Pat and Lisa Oakley years ago when Bruce was making his shino pots. I could kick myself that I didn't get one at the time. I do have a few pieces I got at LDDK - a piece by each of you. One day I'm going to get down for a sale! Nice site...Jen

Bruce and Samantha said...

We are hoping to build a smaller gas kiln next year so we can have a chance to do specific glazes and firings like the shino again. Thanks for checking up on our blog!