Thursday, July 10, 2008

Introduction -Bruce Gholson

Hello, This is Bruce with our dog Moka.  Bruce grew up in Stillwater, Oklahoma and discovered clay at Oklahoma State University while majoring in biology.  He dropped everything but his Evolution class and focused all of his energies on pottery.  He ended up at the University of Georgia in Athens, and graduated there in the late 70's.  After that he worked in Berea, Kentucky as a graduate apprentice and then settled down in the hills of Floyd, Virginia.  He found himself going back to school at Alfred University for his masters degree and now here in Seagrove, North Carolina!  Wow what a jouney in clay he has had.  He is an awsome clay worker and has a creative mind (I'm allowed say that because I am his wife).  He loves to search for arrowheads, fly fish, watch vampire movies, and read science fiction.

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Travis said...

Hi, this is Travis, showing up at your door step for the second time in two days, of course this time emerging from the great blue yonder of cyberspace, not the highway, to land on an equally cool, artisticly refreshing, doorstep. It was great to meet you. You guys have a really neat place out there. As you know, I had really admired yours and Samantha's work when I saw it in Siler City,
and it was somehow satisfying to see that the work has a fittingly unique setting out there amidst that mysterious, shady, lush garden and it's varied structures...
Well I do hope to make it back out there one day and take you up on that beer. In the mean time, if you guys are ever out this way, please give me a holler, and I'll serve youz up some bloody Maries at the 'Siler Saloon' and 'Reptire Showroom'.
Sound good?
PO Box 140
Siler City, NC 27344
traviscohn4@yahoo for mailing lists