Saturday, July 26, 2008

Introduction-Ed Henneke

My dad.
Ed retired last year from the Engineering Science and Mechanics (ESM) department at Virgina Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. He was a professor and researcher for many years and then became Department Head of Engineering Science Mechanics. The last six years at Virginia Tech he was the Associate Dean of Engineering.
Dad grew up in downtown Baltimore, Maryland. One night when we were watching The Wire he bounced out of the seat exclaiming, "That is my home where I grew up and there is the awning my grandmother was so proud to put in place!!" Very Cool.
Dad would stay the summers with his grandmother. Great grandmother May lived on Bush River right down the street from my mom. He met mom there at Bush River when he was 12 and she was 8. I love that story.
Both my dad and my mom are very excited about retiring here in Seagrove. They love growing vegetables and the day to day living around Bulldog Pottery.
Bruce and I are excited to have them around!

Glaze sieving!

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