Thursday, July 31, 2008

Paper Clay to the rescue

We were busily loading a kiln last night.  In the above picture Bruce is cutting paper clay to size in order to place under one of his pieces.  Some of our glazes can be very runny and we need to have something to put under them to protect our kiln shelves.   Having paper clay sheets on hand to cut for placing under the pieces in the kiln is what we have figured out in dealing with this issue.  A quick brushing of kiln wash makes them slightly plyable and lay flat.

This is our elderly pooch Moka.  Patiently waiting for us to take him home.  I will introduce our boy soon.


Michael Kline said...

I like the hawaiian shirt and apron look! Give Moka a pat for me.

Bruce and Samantha said...

We don't allow the fashion police onto our property. Smile. Moka says thanks.