Thursday, August 14, 2008

AKAR helps to keep the North Carolina Pottery Center's doors open

 AKAR Fundraiser for the North Carolina Pottery Center:
AKAR writes, "After receiving an email from our friend Mark Hewitt, we decided to do what we could to help the dire financial situation of the North Carolina Pottery Center. Ceramics marked by the logo of the NCPC are being featured on our homepage. 100% of the profit from the sale of these pieces will go directly towards benefiting the Center and its mission to "showcase the remarkable history and on-going tradition of pottery making in North Carolina."

AKAR Design located in Iowa City, Iowa has extended a hand to the North Carolina Pottery Center.  A big thank you goes out to this gallery.  Bruce and I have been following AKAR for sometime now.  They have a great web presence and it is the place to go to for a sense of what is happening in functional ceramics here in the United States and Canada.  They also represent many North Carolina Potters.  Michael Kline from Western North Carolina is currently showing there now.  AKAR has included Bruce in two 30 x 5 shows and one Yunomi show.  The 30 x 5 show has an interesting twist in that AKAR invites 30 artists to send 5 pieces each.  The Yunomi show is around 150 artists sending 3 - 5 cups.  What results is an eclectic group of quality pottery all in one place.  

Bruce and I want to personally thank AKAR Design for reaching out to the North Carolina Pottery Center and helping to keep its doors open.  The Pottery Center is a wonderful place to visit.   I have been there several times this past month, and at each visit the Center has been crowded with people all looking and learning about historic and contemporary pottery.  This place truly is a gem and needs all of our support to help it through this rocky period.   Please consider joining as a member and helping out the Center.  Every bit helps.

We are proud to announce that we will have a  featured artist show opening on August 29 at the AKAR Design Gallery.  We will keep you posted when this show opens up!


Michael Kline said...

I think this is really a bold move and one that may shed light on the importance of our pottery center as one of the few centers in this country dedicated to pottery!

Bruce and Samantha said...

I agree with you Michael. The Pottery Center is truly unique. I was down there the other day and there were many people in there looking at both contemporary and historic pottery, sitting in the rocking chairs, and talking about pots. How wonderful can that be! I do appreciate AKAR's help. Like Meredith from Whynot Pottery said "This warms the heart"