Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rain, Rain please don't go away

We had a little rain on Sunday. We sure do need it. A little is better then not having any at all. Our garden appreciates it, and so does the smaller majority. A friend of ours introduced a book to us a few years ago called The Smaller Majority. Very amazing images and such a clever title. Discovering insects for me has been a real joy. I have been referencing them on my work for some time now. I think working in the garden has much to do with this, as well as, the focus for the exhibitions we have had at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh. Bruce and I are getting ready for another show there for the month of October. The exhibition will be on display in the Nature Art Gallery.


Michael Kline said...

My Sweet Annie is doing really well in this dry weather. I think it will be here for good this time. thanks. I bet your garden is tremendous. Great picture, btw, of that mantis!

Bruce and Samantha said...

I am so glad your Sweet Annie is doing well. Verbena is another plant that we have found to do well drought conditions.
I bought a macro lens for our camera a few years ago. It is a lot of fun to use.