Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Streetcar Art in New Orleans

Paulette Lizano's Perley's Barnyard Party
Location is Canel Place One at 365 Canel Street
This streetcar has 5,274 pieces of glass

I met Paulette Lizano a couple of weeks ago when I was at the beach with my family. We all rented a beach house together on the Outer Banks. She is from New Orleans and was visiting my brother's wife's sister. She talked about her hometown New Orleans. The city and businesses sponsored a streetcar art project of fiberglass streetcars decorated by different artists to put around the town. Her parents were beginning to install the streetcar while we were all together in Corolla. Paulette is a fused glass artist living in New Orleans and works with both her parents at their business called Lizano's Glass Haus.

I found an article in NOLA ( The Times-Picayune ) about the streetcars, "The name 'Perley' is from Thomas Perley, who designed the New Orleans streetcar in the early 1920s and the barn is the place where the streetcars are stored when they are not in service," Lizano said. "This project is a labor of love for me," Lizano said. "I wanted to give something back to the city and the streetcar is a vital part of New Orleans' history."

As the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaches we want all to know my heart and thoughts go out to all whose lives were so drastically altered by this catastrophe.

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