Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Congratulations to the North Carolina Pottery Center

Dr. Everette James and his wife Dr. Nancy Farmer pictured above donated 110 art pottery pieces, along with many other generous pottery collectors.  Thank You!!

The North Carolina Pottery Center had a big day this past Sunday.  The Sunday auction at Leland Littles brought in $35,050.00.  The total amount for the Center raised since the beginning of their fundraising campaign is $80,549.  They are now approaching their goal of reaching the $100,000 mark.  When we raise $9,451 more, an anonymous donor will donate the last $10,000.   Hip Hip Hooray!

On Sunday the historic potters and their collectors came to the rescue.  The Center's mission is to promote public awareness and appreciation of the history, heritage, and ongoing tradition of pottery making in North Carolina.  The past and the present potters, with their supporters are coming together to show their support and keep the Pottery Center open.  If Dorothy and Walter, Nell, A.R., Burlon and others back in time were around on Sunday, I think they would all have given a high five.  The past and the present enthusiasts of clay have come together with all of their talents to save this valuable institution, which is so worth keeping open.

    We missed a great day, and wish we had been there to experience all of the excitement.  On Sunday, the day of the auction Bruce and I were busily working in the studio getting ready for our upcoming exhibition, by squeaking in our last glaze firing.  At the moment the kiln is very hot (to say the least), but cooling.  I believe Bruce will be grinding in the dark tonight.  Tomorrow morning we deliver the pots.

I want to thank Leland Little Auction House for donating their proceeds to the Pottery Center. I want to thank all that put their time into making this auction happen.  

Auction Aims to Save N.C. Pottery (a newspaper article on News 14)

Bill Ivey and other folks packing their purchases in boxes 

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