Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ed spotted a Spider

We were in the studio glazing when Ed came in and yelled "Spider".  I was in the back.  I thought that was what he said, but was not quite sure what he was getting at.  Bruce left and then came back and said "Spider!"  "Ed found a spider come look.  Bring your camera"  So I cleaned up and went out to find my dad standing in the middle of the garden.  I took a picture.  He was marking the spot where he found the largest garden spider I have ever seen.  This spider must of been ready to lay eggs, it was huge.  I went back to look for it a few hours later but she was gone.  I believe we messed with her enough that she figured this was not the spot to hang.  After I took many shots of her I turned around to go back to work when I spotted the grasshopper curiously watching.   


cookingwithgas said...

she is a beauty! I have one I had been watching for weeks and last week she was gone! My camera will not do the close ups- just one big blur..... I hope you have more next year!

mahanpots said...

That looks like what I've heard called a "writing spider" because of a zig-zag it seems to "write" in it's web.

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