Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Loading the Kiln and Unexpected Surprises

Bruce had time to glaze one fossil fish platter. Bruce is putting some smaller pots around his platter. It is a good feeling to have all of the spaces filled. We are always saying, if only we had one shaped like this and.....we could fill that spot, we need to make that special piece some day.

Bruce is bricking up the door. It looks like he is always doing all of the work. Not true. I just stop long enough to take a few shots. My job in this task is to hand him the bricks.

We are growing these beautiful morning glories. I believe the name of this variety is Grandfather Ots. Or is it Grandmother Ots? I don't remember right now. It may be another variety all together. They are beautiful. The pink in the purple is really incredible. The picture below looks like Moka is staring back at me from the foliage. Not quite sure how his eye got in the picture.

I did not see the mantis beside the morning glory this morning when I took the picture. It popped out at me on the computer. What a serendipitous composition!


Michael Kline said...

I find bugs in the photos I take that I didn't see while taking the picture, too. I think digital photography and macro lens photography is definitely another way of seeing! Have a great firing and we'll see you on Friday!

Bruce and Samantha said...

Looking forward to seeing you and your work this weekend! Yes! macro photography rocks!