Sunday, October 26, 2008

Three potteries from the Seagrove Community

Avery Pottery and Tileworks

I dropped into the studio of three Seagrove potteries yesterday.  All three potteries unloaded a special kiln load of work and invited their friends to come for a visit and join them in conversation, coffee, and sweets.  

The first pottery I visited was Avery Pottery and Tileworks.  Laura had a wonderful selection of her colorful tiles available and Blaine had some beautiful large decorated serving bowls hanging on the wall.    These would be great at a large party, and when they are not being used what better place to show the piece off!

Laura Avery's tiles
Blaine Avery's large bowls hanging on the wall.

The next stop was a visit to Chris Luther Pottery.  Chris and Lisa were busy talking with a visitor when I arrived and had just finished writing down some information about the bowl she was interested in.
Here is a view of Chris's shop with his most recent pots, some of them still warm, fresh from his from his kiln.  He has an assortment of statuesque bottles and vases, as well as, bowls and tumblers in his rich reduction glazes.

The last pottery I visited was Ben Owen III Pottery.  He focused his attentions on his Chinese Blue glaze for this event.  The striking turquoise blue color reminds me of the Mediterranean Sea.

Here are some of examples of Ben Owen III's Chinese Blue vases and bowls.

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