Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Visit to Greensboro : Greenhill Art Center

The Greenhill Cultural Center is pictured above,  the Greenshill Art Center is through the doors

Across the street from Center City Park is the Greenhill Center for North Carolina Art.  Visiting Greenhill was our second goal of the day.  There is an exhibition called Allegorical Realism, an exhibit of four NC. painters, on display through November 2, 2008.  We enjoyed viewing the paintings, and would recommend visiting the exhibition if you are in Greensboro.  The space there is wonderful with ample room to get back to view the paintings.  We were excited to be introduced to the work of Henryk Fantazos, who lives in Hillsborough, North Carolina.  This is the first time that we have seen his paintings.   We responded to his use of imagery and composition, and find many of the images he paints are similar to what we are drawn too.  We love stumbling onto work that inspires us.   Here is an example of his work.  Visit Henryk Fantazo's website to view more of his paintings and read his essays.

"Strangers in My Garden" by Henryk Fantazo

Tabernacle of Tupelo Honey by Henryk Fantazo


cookingwithgas said...

How wonderful- I would love to get away and see all of them.
How nice to have a day away to recharge.

Michael Kline said...

Is that one of Fred's big pots???

fantazos said...

I am glad to learn that you responded to my paintings.I in turn am drawn to your pots and daydream of living inside of one.Before I move-in I should mention that my name is "Fantazos" .With New Year's Greetings and Best Wishes,Henryk Fantazos