Sunday, November 16, 2008

Glazing, Waxing, Washing: Celebration Update

We are busily glazing, waxing pots, and washing the clay dust off.  All of us are getting ready for the upcoming Celebration weekend.  We will load the kiln tomorrow.

I thought every day this week I will let you know a little about what will be happening this weekend during the Celebration.

North Carolina Pottery Center will have a booth at the Celebration.

The North Carolina Pottery Center booth will be staffed by knowledgeable volunteers and will exhibit historic pots, provide information on NC Pottery and sell books, catalogs and stands. Representing the NCPC booth is noted author Terry Zug, UNC-Chapel Hill professor and historian. Terry will speak Saturday on the significance of preserve jars from the Seagrove area. He describes Seagrove potters in his book, Turners and Burners, as "...the intangible qualities of the shops - qualities that only emerged gradually and increased the difficulties of classification. Most apparent is the pervasive family orientation. - and reinforcing these clay clans is the deep sense of place. Finally, there is the potter's historical self-consciousness. It is a genuine sense of the past that gives pride and purpose and guidance to the present."  Also on Saturday, Pam Owens, of Jugtown Pottery will discuss the history the Early Jugtown Pottery. On Sunday, Linda Carnes-McNaughton will discuss the history of "cultured cabbage" and how it relates specifically to stoneware jars and later that day Ray Owen will talk about Ray Auman and the Auman Pottery.


mahanpots said...

Great teamwork, guys. See you soon,


Bruce and Samantha said...

Isn't it great to have those times when the flow in the studio is working. In the zone.