Monday, January 5, 2009

Howling Sunday

We took a day trip on Sunday to eat brunch at the General Store Cafe' in Pittsboro.  This is something that we have been looking forward to do for a long while now.  Bruce and I love ordering their Howling Grits, which is corn grits, cheese, egg, sausage, and salsa.  I get the small and Bruce gets the large.  Gloria ordered the Belgium Waffle and Ed ordered the corn grits with bacon and shrimp. Everything delicious.  We call this a day trip because we detour to the Barnes and Noble and hang out for a couple of hours perusing the books and magazines. This trip was extra special because we all had gift cards from X-mas, given to us from my brother.  After the Barnes and Noble we also stopped off at Trader Joe's which is a special treat for us.  This is our favorite grocery store and if we are ever near by we have to stop by and fill the cart and eventually our cupboard with lots of yummy foods.

Ed and Gloria outside of the General Store

Bruce getting ready for his first bite of Howling grits

The inside of the General Store in Pittsboro

These are the goodies we came home with from Barnes and Noble.  We were lucky and hit the large red dot half price sale off of the bargain books.  Our favorite section of the store.


cookingwithgas said...

Oh- lucky you!
we love the grits at the general store-Yum!

Jennie Lorette Keatts said...

Looks like you got some great books!!

The howling grits are really good. On our trip up north we stopped at an employee owned restaurant in Harrisburg, VA that reminded me of the PGC, maybe from its early days. Great food and nice people and an easy loop off 81!

T.Gray said...

Ed knows what's good! We eat shrimp and grits here at home about once a month. My folks live on the coast and give us shrimp several times a year, which I dole out as if they were made of gold. Sometimes I make up a roux from chicken stock and flour, sometimes I just saute the shrimp in olive oil with sliced onions. The grits usually are cooked with plenty of garlic and cheese is grated in when done. I'll have to try making howling grits. Enjoying the seed butter still!