Saturday, January 17, 2009

Layered Icicle Fountain Cake at Gary Spivey's Star Hotel Bed and Breakfast

We worked down in Star yesterday.  Bruce spotted Gary Spivey's water fountain lavishly iced in a white crystalline glaze.  I grabbed the camera when I went home to bring back lunch.  I wanted to document this unique sighting.  We don't usually see sights like this here in Star, the geographic center of North Carolina.  Gary erected this fountain last year with a rose garden surrounding it.  It stands in the yard on the side of his Star Hotel Bed and Breakfast.  

As Gary always says "More is More".  His fountain has now turned into a layered Icicle Fountain Cake.  Maybe he could do this for the next wedding that takes place at the Star Hotel Bed and Breakfast?

The side view of the Star Hotel Bed and Breakfast in Star, North Carolina

The front of Star Hotel Bed and Breakfast


mahanpots said...

That's cold. Was it still dripping? The one picture looks like it was.

Nice pictures.


cookingwithgas said...

What fun! It does looks like a layered wedding cake.
Love it!