Friday, January 30, 2009

A little Bit of This and That at Bulldog Studios

As I finished my jars and pitchers Bruce was asking me questions and trying to get me to remember something that I did 10 years ago.  I walked into the other room and found him sitting and sorting through an old bag of clay tests that I did during my years at Alfred University.   I shared the work with a woman named Sandy Lance. She made the tests up and I added the water and made them into little buttons (one set for her and one set for us) and then she fired them.    The clay below bloated.  Pretty darn cool.  Bruce fantasized how it could be possibly used in future work.  
He asks me what does B mean?  A?  Where is the formula? What type of firing?  Yikes, well I hope I have the info somewhere.

Below are the jars and pitchers that I had under wraps this past week.  They were waiting to be finished, while we had shifted gears to work on our Yunomis for the upcoming show at AKAR.
These are medium sized pitchers.   This size would work well for bringing a little juice or water to the table.

I found Gloria out in garden getting the ground ready for early spring planting.  She is planning on planting some beets, spinach, peas, and lettuce.  

Ed and Gloria are wanting to put in asparagus.  I am not sure if it will happen this year.  We don't know where we want to put it.  Maybe on the lower side of our house.   We are so jealous of Jennie and Wes's asparagus beds.  Aren't they beautiful?!   


Alex Solla said...

I love the handles on your pitchers. Would you ever consider doing a video demo of your process? Handles are such a personal aspect of the whole process.

Just a hope.

JLK said...

We can't wait to get that asparagus in (Purple Passion)!! The plants are two years old so we'll have to wait a year, and we'll be ready to try it! And of course we'll share with our friends!!

Szarka said...

Oh I love pottery. Thanks for sharing!

Mike Barber said...

I second Alex's comments. Those pitchers are really sweet!