Friday, January 16, 2009

We have made up...I think

Samantha and Ratatouille in Bulldog Pottery studio

She is still jumping on ware carts, but at least I can extract Ratatouille without her fussing and fighting me.  I think she is a bit more settled now that we are back in our studio routine with her.   I am finishing up a series of work.  I have bowls, covered jars, and pitchers to finish.   

Here I am trimming some of the soup bowls I threw the other day.  Bruce is trying out some fancy "birds eye view" picture taking.  

My pitchers will need handles soon.  They are still a bit too wet.

Assorted sizes and shapes of jars waiting to be trimmed.


mahanpots said...

You guys look like you're hard at work. I like the "bird's eye view" photos.

Glad the cat's settling down.

See you Saturday at the pottery center?


Alex Solla said...

I love the gesture in those spouts! Nice movement. Cant wait to see them handled, decorated and glazed!!

Jennie Lorette Keatts said...

Kitties, they can be so finicky!! Glad she has gotten back to normal!

Jen Mecca said...

I'm glad you cat is happy again.

I like the birds eye view photo's!jen

Bruce and Samantha said...

TT is back to her "normal" cat self. We plan on going to the Pottery Center's opening tomorrow. Thanks Alex. Maybe the pitchers will be dry enough tomorrow to put handles on them.

Art Department Store said...

My dog Millburg has bitten some wet saucer edges...looks sort of nice. Think I will keep them that way. I must stop playing with the American Mug facebook feature. Too fun