Friday, February 20, 2009

Last Years North Carolina Potters Conference - 2008

Hat Thompson, Fred Johnston, Val Cushing, Samantha Henneke

Last year Gloria and I went to the North Carolina's Potters Conference in Asheboro.  We both enjoyed ourselves and had a great learning experience there, watching the three demonstrators.  The three potters were Robin Best from Australia, Jane Hamlyn of Great Britain, and Mary Law from California.  Robin showed some techniques using plaster that were very enlightening. We sat right in front of her so we could catch the details.  
Val Cushing was in attendance for a Sunday lecture with Norman Shulman and Ben Owen III as the moderator.   It was great seeing him again and it was fun to get an Alfred alumni picture.

Robin Best

Mary Law


mahanpots said...

Mary and I are coming this year. I haven't been to a conference for a long time, and we're both looking forward to it.


Bruce and Samantha said...

Great! Look forward to seeing you there.

Michael Kline said...

I'm going for the first time since I've lived here, 1998. Shameful! I hope they will let me in! I promise to behave.

Bruce and Samantha said...

Does this mean you are coming here to Seagrove in a couple of weeks?

Michael Kline said...

YES! We should get together and strategize! Is that a word? I also want to visit Meredith and Mark's new atelier.

judsculpt said...

Hello ,I just read your blog and I live in Adelaide, South Australia Where Robin Best lives and works at the Jam Factory Workshops. I hace been to 2 workshops in the last 3 months and she is great.I did a porcelain and a teapot workshop but i have yet to post photos from the teapot weekend.Judy