Friday, March 27, 2009

Pottery from the Kiln

This is a close-up of the handle on the tall bottle below.  Bruce threw the piece and I decorated it with raindrops.

Well Bruce and Ed are off to the Catawba Festival.  It is pouring down rain, but warm outside. Thank goodness the show is indoors.  I took a little bit of time last night and this morning taking images of some of Bruce's work he took to the festival.  There are more of his and mine that I have set aside to take images of.  This will have to wait since I sent the camera off with Bruce. Hopefully he will come back with some images of the show.

This bottle is around 18.5" x 4.25"

This is one of the jugs Bruce threw and I dotted.  The jug is around 18" x 9.5"

Here is a close up of the bottom of the piece above.

This is one of the pieces from the series Bruce threw of bottle forms. This piece is around 12.5" 4.25"

A flask with thickly applied red slip and combed. This is around 13.5" x 5.5" 3.5"


jimgottuso said...

cool pots... i love the dotted ones... the surface of the bottle looks almost like a fish.

Bruce and Samantha said...

Thank you. We have enjoyed working with this glaze. The surface has a wonderful soft feel.

Alex Solla said...

You are getting some fantastic interaction between the glaze and the slip/clay surface. Really love the movement! The glaze on glaze decoration is just awesome. Was the whole firing this successful? Sure hope so!

Bruce and Samantha said...

Hey Alex, Bruce and I were happy with this kiln firing. We stacked the kiln a bit looser at the top and we think this helped us to have a smooth steady firing all the way until we turned it off. Thanks for the compliments! We are busily trying to get one more kiln load in before our Spring Kiln Opening on the 18th!