Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Energizer Max

 Maxwell has all of the energy left around here.  He has developed a fondness for any ball (particularly this red one), and just cannot get enough.  He walks around with it, and loves to play fetch and catch, he is an awesome dog.

We had a great weekend here at home in Seagrove.  We enjoyed good conversations with visitors to our studio.  Made new friends and got to know other friends better.   Way cool. Bruce and I are taking it slow for the next few days, and catching up on the stuff that got put off.   
We have a couple of events in May that we will be bringing our pottery to.  One of them is the Carolina Designer Craftsman Art Walk in Five Points of Raleigh, on May 2.  Then on May 9 we will be at a fundraiser for the Historic Rosedale Plantation in Charlotte.

We are getting geared up for our next exciting event, Cousins in Clay on June 6 & 7,  with Michael Kline, which will take place here at our home in Seagrove.  We are going to be making new pieces for our crystalline glazes.  This will include wall hangings, vases, jars, and probably some yunomis.   Always hard to predict where the spinning wheel will take us.  But for now we will chill,  and move slowly for a couple of days.

OH OH , We know what Max wants.


Michael Kline said...

I love your pictures! Yes, I can attest to the energizer doggie, MAX. Glad you two are chillin' and probably looking at moving into your new place soon. (?)

Sorry I couldn't be up there for the auction this year. Maybe next.

Chris C. said...

Max is a pretty dog! Is he a bully or a staffie?

JLK said...

Looks like exactly what you need to be doing! Phew, one more down :)

Bruce and Samantha said...

Hi Chris C. Maxwell is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier

We are trying to chill for a day but alas .... at the moment Bruce is hand digging for the various lines that the telephone line has to cross. We are getting closer to move in but I think we are going to wait until after Cousins in Clay to do the big push

Hey Jennie, We are moving slower then usual and giving ourselves time to get chores done Feels good and what a beautiful day.

jimgottuso said...

what a great looking dog.