Sunday, April 5, 2009

Part VII : Seagrove Community Woodfiring at the North Carolina Pottery Center

North Carolina Pottery Center

Thank you to the North Carolina Pottery Center for providing their facilities to the Seagrove Community Potters' wood firing, and potluck in their educational building.  The NCPC had a successful event yesterday, with over 200 people through its doors to listen to music and an Owen/Owens exhibition catalog signing.  The Center has a wonderful historic collection, frequent exhibitions, and is very important to Potters and Collectors in general, as well as North Carolina residents.  The next exhibition is "Dan Finch and the Finch studio Potters".  Pottery has a strong heritage and foundation in North Carolina, and today's potters are continuing the tradition of handmade objects.  Become a member, and support the North Carolina Pottery Center.  Come out to the annual fundraising auction "Faces for the Center" on April 18th from 2:30 - 6:00ish.  This is truly a wonderful place. 

The kiln fired off at 9:30pm.   

David (Seagrove Stoneware), Santiago (STARworks Ceramics), David (Turn and Burn)

David (Seagrove Stoneware) and David (Turn and Burn)

Takaro (STARworks Ceramics)


David (Seagrove Stoneware), David (Turn and Burn), and Hitomi (STARworks Ceramics)

Potters and Friends watching other people work

Chad Brown (Chad Brown P.) giving his "Black Ankle" smile, and Anne Partna (STARworks Garden) giving her "Estonia" smile

Will (McCanless), Bruce (Bulldog), Eddie (Wet Dog Glass), Jeffrey (Dean and Martin)


Jennie (JLK Jewelry), Carol Gentithes (Johnston and Gentithes)

Bonnie (Great White Oak), Jennie (JLK Jewlery), Pam Owens (Jugtown)


Michael Mahan said...

Great job on pictures Samantha.

kriips said...

awesome post! you guys are like the local newspaper!
it was great to see ya'll on saturday!

Ron said...

Great to see that kiln getting some use. Fun to see all the potters out there together. Now I'm ready for the pots!!

LC David said...

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