Saturday, September 5, 2009

Glazing Away

Bruce is working on glazing his agate mugs and cups. Some of these have his fossil fish drawn on. We will be unloading this kiln tomorrow. It took as a couple days longer to get our kiln loaded. We will start working on another today. Ed is helping wash the pottery. We can have a lot of dust on it after the bisque and we like to have them clean before we glaze. Right now he is working on my pieces that will get the La La colors. These are our transparent greens, pinks, and yellows. It has been awhile since I have glazed this way. I warmed up when I glazed the tea bowls for the Three Cups of Tea fundraiser.

Below, Samantha's glazing area. Somehow I will need to make room here to glaze today. I will push back as much as I can and stack. The crystalline glazes are mixed in small batches and we brush all of those glazes on. My La La happy colors I have mixed up in a larger quantity. Which you would think would be a bit faster and I guess in some ways it is, but this particular glaze drips in application, and can be fussy. I also like to glaze the inside of the cup and foot with different colors as well. I am excited to see a grouping of this work again. I will load our Paragon on the days that we are not loading our Skutt kiln. I sure comes in handy to have two electric kilns. I think we will be getting one more kiln with vases in before September 12th. We are excitedly looking forward to going to the Mint for this years Potters Market.