Friday, November 20, 2009

Celebration of Seagrove Potters -- Set Up

The North Carolina Pottery Center has a display table at the entrance with historic NC Pottery books and other NCPC information including membership.
Last night Ed and I went back to the Luck's Cannery to set out our pottery. We hit the wall around 8:45 and thought that we would continue in the morning. We met Will McCanless (McCanless Pottery) and Meredith Smildson leaving about the same time as we were. It is all up from here!

Below is our booth as we left it. Gloria and Ed will go back this morning and finish up. We need to be completed by noon so the caterers have plenty of room to set up for this evening's Gala. I am going to work on glazing for the Carolina Designer Craftsman which is next week in Raleigh.

I went around really quick to see if I could find any smiling faces. There were a few left right before Ed and I left.
Below is Chris and Lisa Luther of Chris Luther Pottery
Dan Triece of Dirtworks Pottery came on over to see what was going on and expressed a how do you do to all of you.
Here is Randy and Sherry James of Dixieland Pottery. You may remember them from a previous post that we did back in August about the Luck's Legacy Kiln Opening. They were just about set up and putting a few finishing touches on their booth.
Michelle Kovack of Kovack Pottery is set up beside them.
Paul Ray of Ray Pottery is sporting his Alice Cooper t-shirt, we like it too.
Sheila Ray (Paul's wife) is hanging out talking with David and Alexa Fernandez of Seagrove Stoneware.
Blaine Avery of Avery Pottery and Tileworks is getting set up and ready to display his pottery.


Kitty said...

As I told all the others that have posted on their blogs, I wish that these two shows were together. I will miss not being able to see everyone's work. Good luck this weekend!

Bulldog Pottery said...

I hope you have a good show Kitty