Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Loading the Kiln for Carolina Designer Craftsmen..for this weekend

Bruce is waxing the bottom of the pots in the image above

The past few days have been super busy. Here are the highlights of loading the Moka glazed pottery into our gas kiln. We finished glazing on Sunday and Monday. I glazed late into Monday evening while Bruce and Ed loaded the kiln. The kiln is cooling right now and we will unload Thanksgiving Day. What a treat.

Below Samantha is glazing a creamer
Monday was stormy but luckily not raining hard when we carried the glazed pots out to the hog parlor.
There Bruce goes. I love the color of the rust on the metal next to the green grass.
Bruce is working on the back level of the kiln.
Ratatoulle kept me company all day and night. I like it when she is in a good mood.
Ed was a big help to Bruce. We usually load over two days, but this time it was all done in one day.
Ed is handing the bricks to Bruce. This is the final step of the kiln loading process and a very welcomed one.
Bruce has cut soft brick to fit in just right at the arch.


Michael Kline said...

Hey looks like Bruce's clogs need some cleanin' Good luck with firing!

Bulldog Pottery said...

Hey Michael, Does not take anytime for the clogs to feel right at home. Thanks!