Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ringing in the studio

Donna Craven dropped off two beautifully elegant bottles yesterday for us to glaze. These are for the upcoming Celebration of Seagrove Potters Gala one-of-a-kind collaborative auction. Since our Moka gas kiln firing is not going to make it in on time for the Celebration, we will need to find space for these bottles in someone else's kiln. Bruce and I are looking around for a reduction gas firing to put them in, let us keep our fingers crossed that this will work out, otherwise Donna, Samantha and Bruce are ahead of the game for next year!
Though we really do hope that they are finished by Nov. 20th.

Yesterday we also discovered that we did not have enough rings to glue onto our Art Pottery Vases, so Bruce threw us a whole bunch of rings. We will dry them out today and into our little Paragon they will go.
We have to measure the rings so they fit onto the bottom of the vases. A selection of all sizes and ranges are needed.


JLK Jewelry said...

It's always something isn't it!! For me web web web!

Michael Kline said...

Hey you guys,

I noticed that the thrown rings are scored. Is that so that you can throw a bunch at a time and then tap them apart before you use them in the glaze firing?

Bulldog Pottery said...

Hi Michael, We score them in order to pop them apart at hard leather and then dry and sand them flat. Cheers!