Saturday, December 12, 2009

While Matt Dances Around the World

While Matt dances around the world and figures out where he will be dancing next, we will be working on fixing up our new studio, moving in, and thinking out where we will place everything. I find it intriguing and fascinating when I discover people like Matt who has a focus that revolves around travel and adventure. Our travel mostly revolves around a triangle on our property or maybe a circle, sometimes we go in a few more directions maybe making an octagon, but for the most part our travels cover a few acres. Thank you to Matt for taking us to places that we have never been, and most likely won't ever get to go to except through books and the eyes of his camera. I have been aware of Matt since around 2006 when my brother sent me his video via e-mail. It made me happy and every once in awhile I think about Matt and go and check out his website or search for him on You Tube. He has his videos from past years posted on his website. The one I posted here is his most recent one from 2008. I love the concept of dancing with all of the different folks of the world--a positive common thread amongst us.
We thoroughly appreciate Matt, and others (13 Months) on the Internet as a vehicle to find out what is out there, way beyond our place here in Seagrove, NC.
Maybe Matt will come and dance with the Seagrove Potters someday.

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Michael Mahan said...

Why did I find that so inspiring and moving? It's such a simple film, but it touches a chord in me. Something to do with connection.