Friday, May 14, 2010

Pots, Garden, and Max

Here are some examples of what we pulled out of the kiln yesterday. We are getting ready to leave this morning for the Pot Hop and Jam in Washington D.C. See the two previous posts for details. Ed and Gloria will be home here at Bulldog to greet anyone that comes to visit the shop.
Yesterday we received notice that we were included in the list of "50 Inspiring Pottery blogs" to read. Check out Graphic Design Degrees to see the other blog authors that were also included. Pottery Cousin Mike the author of Sawdust and Dirt is in there too.

The handled urn is one that we made last year along with the Crab Urn. We switched our display around at the Visitors Center and wanted to bring the piece along with us to the Washington DC home show this weekend.
Ed and Gloria are a team. They have wanted to hang out in the garden for a long time, and now they are in their element. Their house in Blacksburg was in the woods with many trees, too much shade, clay, and plagued by deer. If the deer thought they could get away with coming inside, they would eat the house plants too. There are many positive attributes of living amongst many trees; shade, no mowing, and privacy, plus no mowing. Did I say no grass?
Garden May 13
And Max always ready for another toss.


Tracey Broome said...

you guys are definitely the masters of glaze! Beautiful bottles. Oh, and I have garden envy!!

jimgottuso said...

wow wow wow... boy those bottles are really beautiful! all the work is beautiful... good luck in DC

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Tony Destroni said...

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