Friday, July 23, 2010


The summer garden is in full bloom here at Bulldog Pottery

Ed and Gloria have really focused this year on maintaining, watering, fertilizing, weeeeeding, and making sure the "bad" bugs don't out rival the "good" bugs. Though there are some bad bugs that the good bugs consider dinner so really they are not so bad after all, when you think about. We have had to use some insecticidal soap on a few outbreaks of aphids that the ladybugs just could not keep up with them. Hand picking off the insects that think our plants are their lunch, seems to work just fine. The squash bugs are aggressive, prolific little boogers, and they have taken out a few squash plants. If we can find their eggs in time that really seems to help.

We have flowers and vegetables growing in here.

Here is the garden at the beginning of the summer on May 14, 2010.


and now


Linda Fahey said...

WOW! That's so amazing and awesome and beautiful!

cindy shake said...

I LOVE transformation! Beautiful textures and colors in your garden!

Michael Mahan said...

Incredible garden. What do squash bug eggs look like?

Bulldog Pottery said...

Just went to the garden and found some squash bug eggs. I took a picture. Show you soon on my next blog post! It will fit right in with what we have planned.

jimgottuso said...

i have garden envy. i planted my entire back yard with trees when i moved in 20 years ago and have no sun... can't bring myself to cut down a tree so i can plant a garden but i dream about moving out of the city and having a big garden like you all have... it's beautiful

Bulldog Pottery said...

Hi Jim, I love trees and know exactly how you feel about not wanting to cut them down.
Do you have a local farmers market that you can get fresh veges from?