Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bulldog Pottery Kiln Opening update

Here is a "wet" Yunomi that Bruce has made with a spider on it.
Well we have been busy spiders weaving out web of glazes and yunomis (a casual handle-less drinking vessel, taller than wide). Scheduling is always a conundrum for us and we seem to think that we are bionic humans. A crash is inevitable, but we are having a fabulous time in the studio. We have pulled out a small kiln load of of glazed cups to further proof our recent color tests. If you are interested in seeing two of the pieces that have recently come out of the kiln, go check out our facebook page. I have posted two of them there. When we are in a time crunch we find it a bit quicker to update our Bulldog Pottery facebook page than here at the blog.

These cups are bisqued and ready to glaze, Ed will be washing these pots today.

These are Bruce's red clay cups that he has drying upside down. These cups are now in a kiln ready for the first round of firing (that is as soon as our glaze kiln turns off).

I love the fluidity of Bruce's designs on his cups.

Thanks goodness for Ed and Gloria. They really have been instrumental in helping push our kiln opening through. I think they have sieved at least 20 glazes for us so far this cycle. The amount of prep time is always a mystery to us. Something that we have trouble planning into the cycle of potting life.

Bruce is brushing a glaze onto one of his ginger jars. When we work with our crystalline glazes they all get brushed on. This allows us more control and a sensitivity to the thick and thin application of the glaze. All of our glazes are touchy about application. We both handle the glaze brushwork a bit differently, which also gives us variation of effect that we like a lot.

We mix and use over 50 different glazes at anyone time. They are mixed in small amounts which helps us conserve space. Though at this moment space is needed. Will we be able to keep our new space more organized????


T.Gray said...

good luck with the show...and the organization!

Bulldog Pottery said...

Thanks! Tom. We need help with organization!