Friday, November 5, 2010

Loading up the glaze tests

We spent the past couple of days testing new glazes together. Bruce whipped up some of his own formulas, and I did a color run on a shiny glaze I like to use on the insides of our cups, bowls, and vases. We messed around with a couple of other formulas and now we wait. This kiln load is on and should be out on Sunday. Hopefully there will be a few that we are happy with.

We tested these new glazes and colors on our porcelain clay as well as the red clay Bruce likes to use. Also, we have some of the new STARworks local ceramic clays in the works too. We like testing glazes and this gets us very punchy and happy, especially if we gets some good results.

Bruce is loading up the tests in the kiln. We packed them in there.
We have decided or at least at this point in time that we will be throwing lots of cups for our kiln opening on December 4th. We have been known to change our minds in mid stream, but at this point I think we are about at that point. We love making cups. We thought we could make all kinds of cups with a variety of glaze and clay combos. Stay Tuned.

Maxwell was feeling spunky this morning. All work for his mom and dad means not that much ball tossing for him. It has been a few days since we played outside.

Watch those fingers Bruce. Maxwell can be very zealous for his ball.


Hollis Engley said...

Nice to see all three of you on the blog. Looks like Max hasn't lost any energy in the past month or so.

deanandmartinpottery said...

Hey ya'll, hope everything is going great. Hope all the glaze testing pays off with some wonderful new surfaces. Maxwell really has some hops doesn't he!! Watch those fingers!!

Joe and Christy said...

i love that mixing test glazes makes you punchy and happy!