Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bulldog Pottery Kiln Opening update

We loaded our final vase kiln two days ago and will be unloading later this morning. Lots more to do to these pieces to get them finished and ready to present for this weekend. While Bruce is grinding and polishing the vases, I will be glazing some bowls, cups, and small vases that will come out on Saturday. Nothing like pushing on through. This is a busy weekend for the Arts around here. Beside us having a kiln opening, Dan Triece will be celebrating his 25th anniversary with a kiln opening at Dirtworks around 8 minutes from us. The Catawba Pottery Festival is taking place this weekend with many potters participating. Also the Palustris Festival is taking place over in Southern Pines, a four day celebration of Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts. A few Seagrove Potters will be included in the Palustris festivities giving demonstrations and selling their pottery at the Campbell House (Southern Pines), and Ben Owen has an exhibition there as well.

We are happy that we live in North Carolina. A state that values the Arts and how it enriches our lives. Art (and we are talking about all kinds of Art - music, literary, visual, etc.) enhances our days, and brings beauty to our lives.

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