Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vases for Daffie Days

We have been moving right along.
Lots to do.
We are moving move it!
Tomorrow morning it is up early for us. We need to set up and decided to wait because of the wind. Looking forward to getting all of our vases out and displayed. We are really happy with the results. Lots to think about and to work off of for the next round of vases.
Gloria and Ed are in the kitchen baking.

Bruce has been polishing the bottoms of the vases the past few days while I glazed cups and bowls. That kiln will come out Saturday morning.


Michael Mahan said...

Beautiful work, Samantha. Good luck for the weekend. May Daffie Days dazzle. Levi will be at our shop Saturday while we're in Hickory.

Jeff said...

Thinking of you this weekend! No daffies here yet. It snowed yesterday. Have an excellent opening!

sfhdweb said...

Great work. but these kind of missing now a days............Modern tech has taken these things tooo much backwards.