Monday, April 4, 2011

Our Sunday: Pots, Gardening, and Play

On Sunday we had a grand time and let me tell you by evening we all were pretty pooped. We did get around 45 minutes of the movie Inception in before we began to doze off. That movie is pretty intense and takes full concentration to follow all that is going on.

Bruce is working on a few two part vases. The gourd forms that are in the forefront of the image are from the day before. Below Bruce is putting a topper for his vase.

Max and I decided to take a stroll up to the garden to see what Gloria and Ed are up to and document the beginnings of the garden for the year. Max is waiting for me very patiently.
Max is all about play and with the day being so glorious he is in a peppy mood. When the sun is out and everything is quiet, look out nothing is stopping Mighty Max.

We found Gloria and Ed up in the garden doing gardening activities. I followed them over to the front of the garden where Gloria was wondering about a plant identification. Ed reached over to get a closer look.
"I know I planted something there, I don't believe it is a weed" says Gloria. "Do you remember??"
Ed replies, "no"
"We know, we should of written this down!"
Gloria is still waiting for the memory to come back... I took a gander at it but I just could not remember what bloomed there either and the leaf shape is not familiar to me.
A mystery plant or is it a weed?? We will leave it and find out later.

Bruce has just about completed his vase when Max and I came back. Bruce is putting the finishing touches to the rim.


Linda Starr said...

Max is so cute; our last dog used to love playing with tennis balls, once he wore them out, we'd give him another.

Meredith said...

if it is growing well I bet it is a weed.
Someone once told me if you can't pull it out with ease it is most likely a weed!
Darn weeds