Sunday, May 6, 2012

By the Light of The Super Moon

By the light of the Super Moon, Seagrove, NC

21 Days until "Cousins in Clay" on May 26 and 27, 2012 at Bulldog Pottery, Seagrove, NC

Yesterday we spent our time cleaning up the area where we will be setting up the tents for "Cousins in Clay". We plan to try a new location under the oak trees. We are hoping that this will be a bit more comfortable for everyone.  In the previous years we set up between the garden and our pottery shop, which lacks shade and is in the heat of the sun all day long.  We are still planning on where we will have Chronis play his music, where we will be putting the food, and our pottery.

Later in the evening we headed out to gaze at the Super Moon. I took my camera. I want to learn how to take images at night. A long time ago before digital cameras I tried, but never figured out  how to properly expose images for night shots, and after paying for film and developing images that were solid black I lost my zeal.   I gave it a try with my digital camera last night.  I wonder how photographers focus at night when they can't see the subject, and I really need to learn my buttons by heart. Ah hah, next time I will bring a flashlight.

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Julia said...

We enjoyed watching the super moon rise up over the Wasatch Mountains on Saturday night. It seemed huge and so bright!