Thursday, May 3, 2012

University of Georgia

Bruce Gholson working on his scholar bowls in Seagrove,  North Carolina- Bulldog Pottery 
23 more days until Cousins in Clay, May 26 and 27, 2012, in Seagrove, NC at Bulldog Pottery

Bruce has been working on his scholar bowls for the past couple of days.

We were "Visting Artists" for a few days at the University of Georgia a couple of weeks ago. Bruce graduated BFA in ceramics and metals from from UGA, and it was wonderful for Bruce to see his longtime friends again. It has been since graduate school at Alfred that we have seen his classmate Sunkoo Yuh, who is now a professor of Ceramics at UGA.  Yuh does amazing large scale ceramic sculpture slathered with incredible glazing. We also got to see Bruce's classmage(mate) Kristin Morgin, who is there on the Distinguished Dodd Chair position for this past year. We were able to talk with Ceramics Professor Ted Saupe (a "Visiting Artist" at UGA when Bruce was in school way back when) and now the head of the Ceramics Dept., and visited with Bruce's retired professors and mentors, Andy Nassise and Ron Meyers (imminent "Cousin in Clay").  Michael Simon visited with us for a spell Tuesday morning during our demonstrations. Bruce talked about the days he worked with Michael Simon at UGA while Michael was a graduate student and Bruce an undergrad.  We also had the opportunity to visit with Bruce's metals classmate Rob Jackson who is now on the faculty of UGA's metal department, and Gary Noffke, Bruce's teacher in the metals program at UGA, now emeritus as well.  Georgia Strange and her husband John Goodheart hosted us for a lovely evening with current and retired faculty and friends.  Georgia is a former ceramics MFA grad from UGA, and current director of the Lamar Dodd School of Art at UGA.  John Goodheart received his Masters of Fine Arts at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC.  He wrote his masters thesis about ground hog kilns and remembered his days of research with the Coles, firing the kilns and learning about traditional Seagrove pottery. He reminisced about the wonderful fried chicken he ate, and what a great time he had here in Seagrove back in the early 60's.

It is great to be in the studio everyday, but it is also awesome and greatly needed to take the time to get out of the studio. We are happy to have spent this wonderful time in Athens, and have had the opportunity to reconnect with people from as long as thirty years ago.

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