Sunday, November 4, 2012

"Pottery on the Hill" -- Hill Center, Washington D.C.

Bruce with Ryan Greenheck and Matthew Hyleck (on the phone) outside of the Hill Center

Last weekend we were in Washington D.C. for the first annual "Pottery on the Hill" at the Hill Center -Old Naval Hospital on Pennsylvania Ave.  It was a great show, and we all sold many pieces of pottery to a great group of people and Hill Center supporters.  We arrived there on Friday, and with the help of volunteers and staff, the boxes made it up the elevator to the third floor swiftly.  We had all afternoon to set up and by 5:00 everything was ready for the special reception Friday evening. We had rooms full of people looking, talking and buying pottery.  The sale continued through the weekend.  We all packed up Sunday afternoon and headed home to be safe with our families before Sandy hit the east coast.

It was wonderful to spend all weekend with such lovely pottery and the potters that made them.  We got to see honored guest "Mountain Cousins" Mark Shapiro and Sam Taylor again from Massachusetts, and met Trista Depp Chapman, Warren Frederick and Catherine White, and were reacquainted with Bob Briscoe, Ryan Greenheck, Matthew Hyleck (who Bruce knew when Matthew was a youngster in Berea,KY.), and Stacey Snyder (who Samantha went to high school with).  Also fellow NC potters Michael Hunt and Naomi Dalglish and of course our North Carolina "Mountain Cousin" Michael Kline.

Dan Finnegan posted images of all the wonderful pottery displays on his blog "Dan Finnegan - Studio Pottery".

Inside the Hill Center for Friday evening's reception

Bruce Gholson's display at Pottery on the Hill 

Samantha Henneke's pottery display at Pottery on the Hill

Bruce Gholson, Michael Kline, and Sam Taylor at Pottery on the Hill

Dan Finnegan talking about pottery at Pottery on the Hill

Dan Finnegan with his display at Pottery on the Hill

Matthew Hyleck, Warren Frederick, Michael Kline, Catherine White & Dan Finnegan at Pottery on the Hill 

Bob Briscoe, Ryan Greenheck, Stacey Snyder at Pottery on the Hill
Warren Frederick and Mark Shapiro talking on the right

From Left to Right
Top Row - Mark Shapiro, Warren Frederick, Dan Finnegan, Matthew Hyleck
Next- Catherine White, Trista Chapman, Stacey Snyder
Third Row- Sam Taylor, Michael Kline, Michael Hunt
Bottom Row - Samantha Henneke, Bruce Gholson, Bob Briscoe, Ryan Greenheck
The potters at Pottery on the Hill in Washington D.C. at the Hill Center 

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