Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lots in the Works at Bulldog Pottery

Bruce Gholson working on trimming plates, Bulldog Pottery, Seagrove, NC
We are happily making pottery in the studio and finishing up one more round of pots just in time for our annual Holiday Kiln Opening on Saturday, December 13, 2014.  We like to ring in the New Year with one more Hurrah! We are making covered jars, platters, mugs, bowls, tumblers, plates, and cups.  All glazed and decorated with our Moka patterns. We will also have a select grouping of vases with our flowing molybdenum and matte crystalline glazes.  

We discovered a new podcast we enjoyed listening too last night for the first time called, Snap Judgement. It is a NPR radio show showcasing a conglomerate of folks telling stories about contemporary society.  We are looking forward to listening to more today.

There are a handful of Seagrove Potters also having special kiln openings on December 13th... the ones we are aware of are, Ben Owen Pottery, Johnston and Gentithes Pottery, Latham's Pottery, Jeff Brown and Michele Hastings Pottery, Westmoore Pottery and us Bulldog Pottery -- and that's more than a handful.

 Samantha Henneke signing her large mugs, Bulldog Pottery, Seagrove, NC
 Bruce Gholson's grouping of covered jars, Bulldog Pottery, Seagrove, NC
Below are my covered jars waiting for knobs to be applied to the top. I like having the freedom of adding differerent shaped knobs to the jars. It gives them their own personality.  
Tables full of pottery in process,  Bulldog Pottery, Seagrove, NC

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