Monday, May 22, 2017

Exercise- the 7-minute Work-out

Spiral Yunomi, made by Samantha Henneke, Bulldog Pottery, Seagrove, NC
We are preparing for our upcoming Cousins in Clay annual event with Michael Kline here in Seagrove at our Bulldog Pottery studio. Our guest clay cousins are Lindsay Oesterritter and Kenyon Hansen.  On June 3-4, the weekend after Memorial Day, we open our studio to host these fabulous artists. Kenyon will make a cross country drive to North Carolina from his new home in Fayetteville, Arizona, Lindsay is joining us from Manassass, Va., and Michael from Bakersville, NC.

This is always a busy time here at Bulldog Pottery getting ready for Cousins in Clay.

       I recently discovered an app called the Seven Minute Workout.  I read about time management every once in awhile and one thing that comes up in the writings is the importance of adding exercise to the daily to do list.  We have found it hard to add an exercise routine to our daily schedule.

      For the past week in the morning I have followed along with the animated instructor in the early morning, during my first cup of coffee.  So far I have found doing these 30 second exercise moves to be a good start at getting back into shape. The app suggesst that you can do the 7 minute workout a few times a day while at work and can try doing the routine 2-3 times in a row, building up to 21 minutes.

I am currently using the Johnson and Johnson 7 minute workout app. Here is a link to an article that I read that has some more app suggestions, The 5 Best 7 Minute Workout Apps Which Actually Work.  And another article to read is The Scientific 7-Minute Workout by Gretchen Reynolds.

We continue to glaze this week and into the beginning of next week. We have fresh Moka glaze pottery ready for Cousins and we are now working on a few crystalline pieces for the upcoming Cousins in Clay kiln opening.  Below is an image of what our table looks like while we are glazing. We mix our glazes and store them in individual containers. We are always in search of a new glaze for our palette.

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