Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bruce and Samantha at the Potters Market Invitational 2015

A selection of Bulldog Pottery-Gholson & Henneke at the Potters Market Invitational, Mint Museum Randolph, Charlotte, NC
It has been around 2 weeks since the Potters Market Invitational in Charlotte, NC and we are still thinking about what a great time we had on Saturday at the Mint Museum Randolph. The weather was just right, and there were many excited pottery collectors that came for this exhibition.  The Delhom Service League once again put on a great event. They are wonderful hosts that made sure all the potters stayed hydrated throughout the day. It is always a treat for us to talk with the folks that love pottery as much as we do, and to also meet new people that are beginning to catch the bug of wanting to buy handmade pottery for their home.

A selection of Bulldog Pottery-Gholson and Henneke, that we had at the Potters Market Invitational, Mint Museum Randolph Charlotte, NC

Bruce Gholson & Samantha Henneke at the Potters Market Invitational, Mint Museum Randolph, Charlotte, NC
Our pottery booth this year was located at the entrance of the white tent.  All of the potters are located under one tent which gives the outdoor show a good cohesive feel for the potters and the collectors. Our neighbor at the show this year was Donna Craven who is also a neighbor potter in our Seagrove Pottery community.  The Potters Market was described by one of the organizers as a sort of home-coming for the potters because we all are excited to see one another and what each other is making. Sometimes this is the one time of the year for us to catch up with many of these other potters.  

The Delhom Service League hosts this pottery event, and the money raised goes to enlarge the exciting Delhom Pottery Collection. They will soon rearrange the exhibit space for their collection of British Ceramics. Brian Gallagher is the Curator of the Decorative Arts, and has recently published a catalog of this British Ceramics Collection that will soon be available for purchase.  

We are now getting ready for the upcoming invitational pottery show at the Washington DC's Hill Center in the Old Naval Hospital on October 30-November 1, 2015.  Also this Friday evening we will be giving a talk in Raleigh for the North Carolina Pottery Collector's Guild.  On the way to the presentation we will be dropping off some of Samantha's works to the Frank Gallery in Chapel Hill for the "Women in Clay" show.  It is a busy time for us here in Seagrove at Bulldog Pottery.

Our talk has been postponed to December 4, 2015 because of Hurricane Joaquin.

Donna Craven Pottery at the Potters Market Invitational, Mint Museum Randolph, Charlotte, NC

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Potters Market Invitational at the Mint Museum Randolph

Potters Market Invitational at the Mint Museum Randolph, Charlotte, NC
Potters Market Invitational
Mint Museum Randolph
September 12, 2015
Admission: $10

We are members of the Mint Museum located in Charlotte, NC, and the reason why is the Delhom Service League.  Back in the early 2000's we bumped into an article somewhere on the web about a group at the Mint Museum that talk about pots. We thought, "How cool is that!" We wrote down on our list of to-dos to find out about the classes.  A few months later pottery collectors, Leo and Elizabeth Kohn-a husband and wife collector team, visited us in our Bulldog Pottery shop and told us more about the Delhom Service League. The Kohns very warmly invited us to attend one of the League's classes, where we were very graciously received by the organization.

The Delhom Service League schedules monthly presentations at the Mint Museum Randolph by a ceramic scholar, as well as, organized classes by the group's members to teach docents and museum members about the Mint Museum's extensive ceramics collection. The Mint Museum has a wonderful collection of pottery named after the contributor Miss M. Mellanay Delhom.

The League was organized in 1972 following the arrival of Miss M. Mellanay Delhom and her outstanding ceramics collection of historical pottery and porcelain. The mission of the Delhom Service League is to create and develop interest in ceramics by studying the world of potters and their cultures, from ancient China to contemporary America.

Check out this year's Delhom presentations at the Mint Museum's website. We have been to a handful of them over the years, and wish we could attend more. We always look forward to making the trip to visit the Mint Museum in Charlotte to see their superb ceramics collection.

The Mint Museum Randolph in Charlotte, NC

From the Delhom Pottery Collection at the Mint Museum Randolph

Bruce Gholson and Elizabeth Kohn in 2009 at the Potters Market Invitational

PMI's 2015 North Carolina Participating Potters are: 
William Baker, Kyle Carpenter, Jim Connell, Josh Copus, Donna Craven, Will Dickert, Judith Duff, Kim Ellington, Susan Filley, Carol Gentithes, Terry Gess, Bruce Gholson, Samantha Henneke, Nick Joerling, Daniel & Kate Johnston, Fred Johnston, Matt Jones, Freeman & Maggie Jones, Shawn Ireland, Matthew Kelly, Eric Knocke, Jeannine Marchand, Andrew Massey, Alex Matisse, Will McCanless, Reiko Miyagi, Ben Owen III, Pam Owens, Travis Owens, Vernon Owens, Ronan Peterson, John Ransmeier, Lindsay Rogers, Michael Rutkowsky, Joseph Sand, Akira Satake, Ken & Connie Sedberry, Eric Serritella, Jenny Lou Sherburne, David Stuempfle, Hiroshi Sueyoshi, Liz Zlot Summerfield, Matt Wegleitner, Jim Whalen, and Julie Wiggins.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Cousins in Clay in the Mountains of NC

We are looking forward to the 5th annual "Cousins in Clay" Mountains! Every year, we, along with Michael Kline, host two "Cousins in Clay" events. One at the beginning of the summer (weekend after Memorial Day) at our Bulldog Pottery studios in Seagrove, NC and one at the end of the summer at Michael Kline's Pottery in Bakersville, NC. This year the Mountain Clay Cousins will be on Labor Day Weekend, September 5-6, 2015.  

Two artists we admire, Justin and Brooke Rothshank, will be our guest cousins at the Labor Day weekend show and sale.  Justin makes pottery with layered surfaces of decals and glazes that integrate well together on his functional pottery forms, and Brooke paints miniature images that are amazing in detail.

We set up our pottery under white tents on the hill top of Michael's and Stacey''s property under beautiful oak trees very near his workshop and sales gallery.  This year his wife Stacey Lane, a jeweler, will have her work for sale in Michael's gallery along with Brooke Rothshank's paintings. Michael is a short drive (around 10 minutes) from the famous Penland Craft school.  It is always a treat to take our work to the NC Mountains!

We are also busily getting ready for the 11th Annual Potters Market Invitational at the Mint Museum Randolph, September 12th, in Charlotte, NC!  This is a wonderful event that we are proud to be invited to participate in along with 40 other potters.  Stay tuned for the next blog post to read more specifics about the Mint Museum's PMI.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Early Morning Rise

Photographers praise early morning light and evening light…. sunrise and sunset.

This past Saturday morning I woke up early before the sunrise to weed a patch in the garden. We want to plant a few late summer crops. It has been a hot summer and I thought this would help me to beat the heat.  This also happened to be my first opportunity to photograph the garden during a sunrise.  There are few insects out in the garden in the early morning, some bumblebees. I did see for the first time a dusty iridescent blue insect fly by way too fast to photograph.

It was an amazing experience for me, and I finally had my turn to get a glimpse of what photographers love about this time of day. The ethereal beauty and glowing colors inspire me to wake up early again before the sun wakes up our part of the world.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Introducing the Cousins!

Bill Brouillard with majoilica platters

Introducing this year's "Cousins in Clay" Artists
May 30-31, 2015
Bill Brouillard, Adam Field, Doug Peltzman, Henry Crissman

With hosts Bruce Gholson and Samantha Henneke with Michael Kline.
at Bulldog Pottery
3306 US Hwy 220 Alt
Seagrove, NC 27341

Instagram is a great place to follow the potters. Click on their names to see their Instagram photos.

We have been posting regularly on our Cousins in Clay Facebook page. Follow us on Facebook!

Pottery Demos!
On Saturday, May 30 beginning at 3:00pm Adam and Doug will demonstrate together and on Sunday, May 31, Bill Brouillard will demonstrate at 1:30pm.

                                                                           Bill Brouillard
Bill Brouillard teaches at the Cleveland Art Institute in Cleveland, Ohio.  He won the Cleveland Art Prize- 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award for Visual Arts 2009 and has exhibited in many national art shows.  Read an overview about Bill and watch a 3 minute video about William Brouillard. Sit back... and meet Bill before coming to "Cousins in Clay". Bill will bring a selection of his majolica, porcelain, and wood-fired pottery works to this year's "Cousins in Clay".

Bill Brouillard, honored clay cousin for "Cousins in Clay", Seagrove, NC, Bulldog Pottery

Adam Field is presently a long term resident at Archie Bray in Helena, Montana.  He is a full-time studio potter making intricately carved porcelain pottery, and Onggi storage jars for fermenting.  During the past month we have watched Adam make some of the pottery that he will be bringing to Cousins in Clay on instagram.  He has recently focused on creating a body of work from porcelain slipped stoneware. We are looking forward to seeing his finished pieces.  Potter Jennifer Allen has an insightful interview of Adam on Jen Allen Ceramics Blog. You can also watch Adam Field You-Tube channel where you can see his Onggi pottery and porcelain carving techniques.

Adam Field, honored clay cousin for "Cousins in Clay", Seagrove, NC, Bulldog Pottery

Doug Peltzman is a full-time  potter from Dover Plains, New York. He works with drawn pattern designs on white and black porcelain. We were introduced to Doug's work at the Arrowmont Utilitarian Clay that took place a few years ago.  There is a wonderful interview of Doug on Jen Allen Ceramics Blog, read about Doug, and check out his instagram images to find out about his studio work and inspirations.

Doug Peltzman, honored clay cousin for "Cousins in Clay", Seagrove, NC, Bulldog Pottery

Henry Crissman recently graduated with his MFA from Alfred University in Alfred, New York. We met Henry last summer while we attended Alfred's Summer School for 2 weeks.  We talked with him about bringing his traveling Mobile Anagama Wood-Fired Kiln to "Cousins in Clay" and he said yes, We are super excited to have Henry here for the weekend.  The pieces below were glazed with one of his puddle glazes. Alfred's landscape is famous for its shale clay and Henry thought "Hey I can glaze my pieces with the puddles around the university." And so it began... Henry tested many puddles on campus and came up with some unique puddle glazed surfaces [Bruce's favorite is Puddle #5 with the grit left in].  Visit Henry's website to see Henry's recent projects, also here is a you-tube video of his Mobile Anagama Company MFA thesis show.

Henry Crissman, honored clay cousin for "Cousins in Clay", Seagrove, NC, Bulldog Pottery

Micheal Kline of course will be coming too! We are looking forward to seeing our Mountain Cousin again.  We were lucky to join Michael and Kyle Carpenter this past March for lunch at the White Duck Taco in Asheville. We Spent a wonderful afternoon together talking about life and clay. Michael has been working on new inlay decoration. We are super excited to see the pieces in person! Michael's blog Sawdust and Dirt is always a favorite of ours to read.
Michael Kline, "Cousins in Clay", Seagrove, NC, Bulldog Pottery

Samantha Henneke has been working on pieces glazed similar to the mug below. We call it our Moka glaze pottery because of the hues similar to coffee, chocolate, cream, and the brindled color pattern of our past dog Moka. Samantha has been enjoying this spring/summer weather and is excited to be taking her camera out to capture the life in the undergrowth.

Samantha Henneke, "Cousins in Clay", Seagrove, NC, Bulldog Pottery

Bruce Gholson is planning to have a series of his shino fish mugs and cups for this year's "Cousins in Clay". We will also have a wonderful grouping of vases with our crystalline matte glazed surfaces. 
Bruce Gholson, "Cousins in Clay", Seagrove, NC, Bulldog Pottery

You can always visit Bulldog Pottery: Gholson/Henneke year round! Our pottery hours are Tuesday-Saturday 10:00-5:00 and we are here most Sundays and Mondays.  It is a good idea to call if you are making a special trip to see us. We diligently open up our pottery shop everyday, but there is always a chance that we may have to be away due to something coming up.

                                                              See you at "Cousins in Clay"!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

AKAR Yunomi Invitational - opens May 15, 2015

Bruce Gholson, Bulldog Pottery, Seagrove, North Carolina
The AKAR Yunomi Invitational show opens this Friday, May 15th at 10:00am Central. 

It is that time of year again. We participate annually in AKAR Design's Yunomi invitational show and sale of over 1,030 Yunomi, 5 Yunomi's each from 206 artists.  This show is a potters and collector's delight of all kinds of imaginative functional cups to drink from, and to have on display in your home.

Cups are the potter's form that puts Art into your hands, You can touch it, feel it, look at it, and drink from it.

For the seventh consecutive year, artists have elected to donate portions of their sales to The Studio Potter Magazine, a non-profit organization dedicated to all things clay. Of the 206 participating artists, 139 individuals are donating cups for a total of 245 yunomi sales benefiting this worthy periodical!

If you are new to this event, you should be aware that the sales are online only, and one should register ahead of time at AKAR because 60% of the exhibition sells out within the first hour.

Yunomi (U-know-me)- A form of teacup, typically made of ceramic material, being taller than wide, with a trimmed or turned foot. Unlike the more formal chawan tea bowl which is used during the Japanese tea ceremony, the Yunomi tea bowl is made for daily (or informal) tea drinking.
Bruce Gholson, Bulldog Pottery, Seagrove, North Carolina

Bruce Gholson, Bulldog Pottery, Seagrove, North Carolina

Samantha Henneke, Bulldog Pottery, Seagrove, North Carolina

Samantha Henneke, Bulldog Pottery, Seagrove, North Carolina

Samantha Henneke, Bulldog Pottery, Seagrove, North Carolina

Thursday, May 7, 2015

"Cousins in Clay" on May 30-31, 2015

May 30-31, 2015

 Hosted by

Bruce Gholson
Samantha Hennke
Michael Kline

Honored Cousins for this year's "Cousins in Clay", Bulldog Pottery, Seagrove, NC

William Brouillard
Doug Peltzman
Adam Field
Henry Crissman