Thursday, February 20, 2020

We created a digital magazine for Cousins in Clay - May 30-31, 2020

Cousins in Clay - Digital Magazine - Bulldog Pottery - May 30-31, 2020

Hi! We are super thrilled to be hosting Cousins in Clay this year on May 30-31, 2020. 

We created a digital magazine to accompany the Cousins in Clay website. It provides a bit more information about our event, accommodations, and some of the other pottery adventures that are available to visitors near by when you visit us for the weekend.

We are in the process of figuring our the different ways you can peruse the information. 

There is a link from our Bulldog Pottery website where you can view it on your computer.  It is in a pdf format so you can also open it up in your ibooks on your phone or ipad (not sure what that would be on your andorid). 

You can also look at it in magazine format on ISSUU.

Cousins in Clay is an intimate pottery show and sale that takes place twice a year in North Carolina. At Bulldog Pottery the weekend after Memorial Day in Seagrove and at Michael Kline Pottery near Bakersville on Labor Day Weekend.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

"Kiln to Kitchen" by Jean Andrews

"Kiln to Kitchen" by Jean Anderson, photography by Lissa Gotwals, MJ's Potato Salad in Bulldog Pottery bowl
We are happy to be featured in Jean Anderson’s new cookbook “Kiln to Kitchen”. This newly released cookbook has 76 selected favorite recipes contributed by the twenty-four selected North Carolina potters.  "Jean Anderson's new cookbook deliciously brings together two of her lifelong passions—great food and North Carolina pottery.” 

Jean Anderson will  be signing copies of new UNC Press cookbook "Kiln to Kitchen" this coming Saturday -September 14, 2019- at McIntyre's Book Store in Fearrington Village, NC at 2 p.m. There'll be a terrific door prize -- a lidded casserole from NC Blue Ridge potters. 

......Durham potter Julie Jones will be bringing her superb Kimchi Deviled Eggs for you to sample. Also coming, Jean's friend NYC friend Maria Reuge, a former Gourmet magazine editor, and Elaine Maisner, the UNC Press editor, who worked closely with author Jean Anderson "Kiln to Kitchen" through months of production. Jean Anderson is very proud of this cookbook and feels it is the most beautiful cookbook she has ever had..... says Jean, "And that, I can tell you, is a lot of cookbooks." 

We submitted three recipes, M.J.'s Greek Potato Salad, Cousins Granola, and Bulldog's Thai Curry.

We will carry "Kiln to Kitchen" in our pottery shop.

"Kiln to Kitchen" by Jean Anderson with photography by Lissa Gotwals
From Amazon Review by Robert Holmes, "Any time Jean Anderson comes out with a new cook book, it's a special occasion. Her newest KILN TO KITCHEN, is no exception. Photography is outstanding, and there are a multitude of wonderful recipes from North Carolina potters. I intend to cook my way through this beautiful book. You can always count on Anderson's recipes to succeed because she triple tests each and every one. Her directions are clear and concise. This just might be her most beautiful book so far."

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Cousins in Clay in the Mountains Labor Day Weekend

Cousins in Clay - Labor Day Weekend - Michael Kline Pottery - August 31- September 1 2019 - Pottery Sale
Coming up next weekend.... on Labor Day weekend..... Saturday and Sunday 10-5.....

       Cousins in Clay in the North Carolina Mountains at Michael Kline's Pottery is just around the corner. Michael Kline along with mountain cousins Kyle Carpenter and Courtney Martin have been planning some fun happenings for this year's Cousins pottery show and sale. The distinguished clay cousin guests are Becca Jane Kohler from Nashville, Tennessee and Dan Finnegan from Fredericksburg, Virginia.

     Bulldog Pottery will be there with our pots from our recent August Moka glaze firing and some select pieces from our pottery shop.
     There will be a special preview evening Friday taco dinner (tickets available on our Cousins in Clay website  until Sunday (August 25 at midnight)

There are demonstrations Saturday and Sunday afternoon by the clay Cousins.
Saturday at 1pm Becca Jane Kohler and Kyle Carpenter and at 3pm Dan Finnegan and Courtney Martin
Sunday at 1pm Michael Kline and Joel Wilson and at 3pm Bruce Gholson and Samantha Henneke

There are two other pottery shows taking place on the same weekend just a short distance from Cousins in Clay.... Sweet-n- Salty Pots and 10-Friends Show.

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Cousins in Clay - Labor Day Weekend - Michael Kline Pottery - August 31- September 1 2019 - Pottery Sale

Cousins in Clay - Labor Day Weekend - Michael Kline Pottery - August 31- September 1 2019 - Pottery Sale

Monday, April 29, 2019

Breaking News: New Bulldog Pottery Website

New Bulldog Pottery Website
Breaking News: New Bulldog Pottery Website - See it While it is Current.

Hi! We are super thrilled to announce our new Bulldog Pottery website! Definitely a labor of love. This year we will be working towards listing some of our pottery pieces online for sale through the website. For now, we have a select group of cups and mugs listed on our Etsy shop Bulldog Art Pottery. We always welcome people to our Bulldog Pottery shop in Seagrove, North Carolina, but decided it is time for us to enter the 21st century and offer our ceramic works online. It is pretty awesome to have this opportunity to reach pottery lovers from all over the country.

This past April weekend was the Celebration of Spring Seagrove Potters Kiln Openings. The weekend was absolutely beautiful. GroundLion Brewing was set up here to serve tastes of their Creme Ale which received rave reviews from the beer connoisseurs attending the kiln opening. GroundLion Brewing will be opening a taproom here in Seagrove, North Carolina at the Historic Luck's Cannery.

This year we plan to take a break from hosting our special pottery event in Seagrove Cousins in Clay. We have postponed our Cousins in Clay event until next year, 2020 (May 30-31, 2020). Reason being we have a family trip planned with my (Samantha's) family, both my niece and nephew will be graduating, nephew from high school and niece from college. It is time to celebrate!

Save the date for "2019 Mountain Cousins" at Michael Kline Pottery! On August 31 and September 1, 2019. Head to the mountains to visit with us and Michael Kline and Kyle Carpenter, Courtney Martin, Dan Finnegan and Becca Jane Koehler.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Residency in Paris, France

Streets of Paris, France, iPhone photo by Samantha Henneke

     Our residency in Paris. We have been here for two weeks..... just about the longest amount of time we have ever been away from our home in Seagrove, NC. A Big Thank You goes out to Ed and Gloria for taking care of Luna and Koi and maintaining the pottery shop business at home.

     So far since we have been here we have seen a handful of museums.... still so much more to see and so much more we want to experience and do before our time is up here. The first 5-6 days we experienced Paris through the funky feeling of jet lag. It took us a few days to set ourselves up with the basic needs for living in our studio/flat ...  paper goods i.e. paper towels, toilet paper, and Kleenex for our Parisian colds, a cloth kitchen hand towel, a larger coffee pot for the drip filter system, coffee, shampoo and soap....etc.  We complete most of our grocery shopping at the Bastille Market (Sunday and Thursday mornings), which is a short mile jaunt up the street.

Paris is a walking city.

We read about this back home before arriving here to the Cite International Des Arts residency program, but experiencing it is another thing.  Walking 5 miles round trip to get somewhere doesn't seem all that long anymore. We may feel it at the end of the day when we get back to the flat and look at our health data app to find out how many steps we took, and the miles we walked. As we are walking the Paris streets there is so much to look at.... architecture, doors, people, the shop windows.  I am taking lots of pictures, it is hard to keep our phones in our pockets.

Some of the museums that we have visited are Sevres Porcelain Museum, Picasso Museum, The Musee Cluny, and the Pompidou. We went to a gallery show opening at the Parrotin Gallery and met the sculptor Johen Creten. We purchased books of his works that were available at the the gallery's next door bookstore and are excited to add them to our library. We were thrilled to be able to have him sign them too!

During the first few days we were a little nervous and didn't know what to expect when walking the streets of Paris. Living in a rural area, and working from home full-time is an isolated environment.  We were curious on how we would integrate ourselves, and navigate a foreign environment. We are not used to the city life, people, and traffic. After reading a few blogs about being leery of pick pockets, tricks that folks pull to steal from you, and stories from personal friends .... we have loosened up a bit and feel more comfortable. We try to remind ourselves not to let our guard down, but we are more comfortable now when walking around than we were the first few days. Feelings change, visuals change, and the new becomes recognizable, more familiar, and comfort sets in. We see many French families on the street with their children scooting about, young adults walking to school, folks drinking coffee, walking and eating a sweet they just purchased from the corner bakery.

One of the most intriguing feelings I have when traveling around is that this is going on everywhere.... All over the world people are walking across streets, they are getting on and off public transportation, flying in the sky, eating, drinking, and at home our dog Bella is sleeping on her favorite chair or playing with Ed and Gloria, and Koi is wondering if she wants inside or outside.  Life goes on... we are all the same.

Streets of Paris, France, iPhone photo by Samantha Henneke

Streets of Paris, France, iPhone photo by Samantha Henneke

We have been in awe over the sky-line of the buildings and walking down the city streets. The curves contrasted against the straight lines.  The scenery is so different than what we are used too. I really was looking forward to the visuals of the Paris architecture and living in a city for a short period of time. The dropping in for one baguette, or one piece of fish, a container of yogurt or two beers.  Where we live the purchasing of food is usually done using a large shopping cart and the knowledge that we won't be back to the store for a week.  Here the shops are right around the corner.

Streets of Paris, France, iPhone photo by Samantha Henneke

Streets of Paris, France, iPhone photo by Samantha Henneke

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Holiday Kiln Opening - December 16, 2017

Hello!  Happy Holiday!

Our Holiday Kiln Opening is coming up. We are looking forward to seeing you next weekend here at our pottery. We are working on glazing and firing some crystalline vases and tiles for next Saturday.

 There are more Seagrove Potters having kiln openings on December 16th too! The ones that we know about at this time are: Dean and Martin Pottery, Studio Touya, David Stuempfle Pottery, and Donna Craven Pottery. We will update the list as we find out more. (If you are a Seagrove Potter and reading this blog post and are having a kiln opening on the 16th and not on the list above please let us know and we will add you)

Monday, November 6, 2017

The Tyg

The Last Drop: Intoxicating Pottery, Past, and Present, opening on Dec. 9, 2017 at the North Carolina Pottery Center in Seagrove, NC
We are invited to be part of an exhibition, The Last Drop: Intoxicating Pottery, Past, and Present, opening on December 9, 2017 at the North Carolina Pottery Center in Seagrove, NC.  The show is a collaboration between the North Carolina Pottery Center located in Seagrove, NC and the Chipstone Foundation, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

The North Carolina Pottery Center has a permanent display showing historical and contemporary pottery of NC, as well as, rotating exhibitions. The Chipstone Foundation is known for their world-renowned collection of 17th and 18th-century pottery and rotating exhibitions. 

We are currently working on this project in our studio, and excited about the potential of researching this piece and time period, not only specifically for this project, but also for where it may lead some ideas for our work in the future.  We looked around for Tyg images finding many on Pinterest and other sites. We have also purchased a few books and are currently fantasizing about different ways we could play off of the doubled multiple handles, and the other decorative aspects of these Tygs and other pieces from this period.

   Thirteen potters and two pottery couple have been selected to choose a ceramic piece from the Chipstone collection and respond to the piece by making a piece that will be juxtaposed along with the selected historical ceramic object.

  The Chipstone Foundation (publisher) and Robert Hunter (editor) work together to produce the series of books called Ceramics in America. Ceramics in America is a series of richly illustrated books filled with articles about historical ceramics from the American context. It is intended for anyone interested in pottery:  a collector, historical archaeologist, curator, decorative arts student, social historian, contemporary potter, or pottery lover.

The ceramic object we selected is called a Tyg.  Our Tyg was made in 1649 and is thought to be made by Thomas Ifield. The multi-handled Tyg, functioned in the British Alehouse as a communal drinking vessel passed from person to person.

The Last Drop: Intoxicating Pottery, Past, and Present, opening on Dec. 9, 2017 at the North Carolina Pottery Center in Seagrove, NC

The Last Drop: Intoxicating Pottery, Past, and Present, opening on Dec. 9, 2017 at the North Carolina Pottery Center in Seagrove, NC