Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year! Take ride on the ZOOM QUILT.....

Happy New Year from us to you. This is always such an exciting time of the year. Here is a fun art trip for you and your friends to check out. Very Cool, and an exciting colloborative project that we bumped into while surfing the magic cyberspace ride.
This may take a tiny bit of time to load down.

You can slow it down, go forwards and backwards when sliding the stick line left to right. Also if you put your mouse on the image the words go away so you can see the pictures on your full screen

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tis the Season for Extra Scooby Snacks

Seasons Greetings from all of us at Bulldog to everyone out there in cyber space and beyond. We convinced Maxwell that he looks absolutely handsome in his Santa's hat. His Great Aunt Judy supplied him with the red and white hat for the holidays. He is not sure if he was very happy about this addition to his wardrobe, but felt that joining in the festivities is fun to do and worth the extra scooby snacks.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

While Matt Dances Around the World

While Matt dances around the world and figures out where he will be dancing next, we will be working on fixing up our new studio, moving in, and thinking out where we will place everything. I find it intriguing and fascinating when I discover people like Matt who has a focus that revolves around travel and adventure. Our travel mostly revolves around a triangle on our property or maybe a circle, sometimes we go in a few more directions maybe making an octagon, but for the most part our travels cover a few acres. Thank you to Matt for taking us to places that we have never been, and most likely won't ever get to go to except through books and the eyes of his camera. I have been aware of Matt since around 2006 when my brother sent me his video via e-mail. It made me happy and every once in awhile I think about Matt and go and check out his website or search for him on You Tube. He has his videos from past years posted on his website. The one I posted here is his most recent one from 2008. I love the concept of dancing with all of the different folks of the world--a positive common thread amongst us.
We thoroughly appreciate Matt, and others (13 Months) on the Internet as a vehicle to find out what is out there, way beyond our place here in Seagrove, NC.
Maybe Matt will come and dance with the Seagrove Potters someday.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Check out Mud Bucket Blog

We have been following along the past couple of months a blog called Mud Bucket. Her name is Jesse Lu and she does a wonderful job finding diversity among the ceramics world.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Amazing Sand Castle

I ran into this website today called acid cow and found some great insect portraits. If you are interested in seeing those look at my Twitter in the side bar and follow that link. These are some incredible images of a sand castle a fellow sculpted. To see the 16 images of his process click on this link.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Baby its Cold Outside

We like to listen to the 40's station on XM satellite radio while working in our studio. Since Thanksgiving they have been playing classic Holiday music. This is one of the songs that they have been playing. I always enjoy this song when it comes on, so I thought I will share it with you.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Carolina Designer Craftsmen: Some more images

Bruce and I had a good weekend at the Carolina Designer Craftsmen in Raleigh. The turn out of the public for the Friday afternoon preview party and evening hours went well too. On Saturday there was a NC State/UNC football game at the State Fair Grounds, so I think this kept some people home. We met some new folks and talked with some old friends. We enjoy doing this show.
I uploaded the images that I took at the CDC show onto my flicker page. To see a sampling of the artists that showed there this past weekend visit my Carolina Designer Craftsmen album.
This was our neighbor on the right hand side of us. His name is Charles Pinckney. He is a jeweler from Athens, Georgia.
On the left hand side of us was a fiber artist from Greensboro, her name is Paige Cox. We found out later in the show that she grew up in Asheboro which is around 15 miles from where we live.
This is an image from Friday evening.
Here is Lisa Oakley from Cedar Creek Gallery. She is a glass blower and told us of the recent visit from Dale Chihuly made to her glass studio. Wow what a great day she had when he turned up. You can read about it at her blog.