Sunday, March 12, 2017

Springtime in Seagrove, NC

Vase made by Samantha Henneke, Bulldog Pottery, Seagrove, NC
Hello! This morning we woke up to a little snow on the ground. I am sure it won't last long. It is really pretty though while it does. We are getting ready for our upcoming spring shows. Soon I will update our Event's sidebar. Oh my life sure does whiz by.

We just finished working with the Randolph Arts Guild on the North Carolina Potters Conference in Asheboro, NC. We are really thankful for all of the hard work and dedication the Randolph Arts Guild provides the community we live in.

We believe that Art provides us sustenance to our everyday lives. It nourishes us in so many ways.

What would life be without music, poetry, photography, books, theater, painting, sculpture...... and of course pottery.  Pottery is part of our everyday life--- using it, as well as, making pottery.

Is pottery in your life?

Brooks Jensen, a photographer and publisher of Lenswork magazine, was one of the speakers at the North Carolina Potters Conference last weekend.  He recently released a podcast about his experiences during his stay here in North Carolina. You can listen to his podcast through iTunes, it is called Lenswork. "Sharing the Creative Life Across Media" Podcast #1003. While you are at it download some of his other ruminations. Enjoy!