Friday, June 6, 2008

Introduction - Samantha

Hello, My name is Samantha.  I was searching through all of my images for a picture of me and finally found this one. I seem to be the only one that takes all of the pictures.  My mom took this image of me cleaning up a garden area in our yard.
I was born in Tallahassee, Florida and moved to Blacksburg, Virginia before my first birthday.  During my junior year I found clay and fell in love with the material and process.  After attending one more year at Virginia Tech I transferred to Alfred University, New York.  I graduated from Alfred with a BFA in ceramics in 1995.  I moved to Seagrove, NC in 1997 and have established my home and pottery here.  Clay is my main focus on and off the job, otherwise my day-to-day activities are gardening, books, watching a movie at night, and walking our dog Moka.

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