Monday, July 21, 2008

Introduction-Gloria Henneke

My Mom
My mom and dad have retired and moved to Seagrove, North Carolina. She has been enjoying her summer in the garden (When the bugs aren't biting her). Unfortunately for her, she is one of those very sweet ladies that the bugs can't do without. My mom was born in Maryland and grew up on Bush River with her 6 brothers and 1 sister--all older than her. From Maryland she lived for a short spell in Florida (where I was born) and then up to Blacksburg, Virginia for the next 37 years. Between taking care of my brother and I, working as an executive administrative assistant at Virginia Tech, cooking wonderful meals, and everything else she is involved in, she truly lives up to the nickname her mom gave her -- Goey. It is wonderful having my parents living here with us. Tomorrow I will introduce my dad.

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