Saturday, July 12, 2008

Warming Up

I threw a bunch of covered jars yesterday.  I plan to throw feet onto these jars.  I will try to remember to take an image of them after they are done and we will get to see the difference in their shapes.  These jars are the last series I will be throwing, for now.  I feel I am finally warming up to the wheel again.  It always seems like as soon as I loosen up and get a rhythm going we have to stop and glaze so we can have pieces ready for a show deadline.  Bruce and I are going to need around 18 pieces to send to AKAR by the end of this month.  A great gallery over in Iowa City.  It has a wonderful online presence with lots of good pots to see.

July 15 --  Just finished my jars today.  I threw feet on all of them.  Pretty funky.  I hope I don't get too much cracking around the foot.  I have had this happen to me before.  Bruce suggested that I dry them on two pieces of paper so the jars' feet don't hang up as they shrink.  We will see.

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