Sunday, October 12, 2008

Back to the Wheel

We have been back to throwing at the wheel for a few days now.  After delivering the pieces to Raleigh a week and 1/2 ago, we have been catching up on domestic and business chores, making clay, watching movies at night, and catching up on some sleep.  It feels good to be turning pots and getting ready for our next kiln loads.  The vases below are made out of porcelain and will be fired with our crystalline glazes applied on them.  The movie we have been watching lately is the vampire movie and series, Blade: House of Chthon.  We are not quite finished with the discs yet,  we are pleased so far.  We like vampire movies.

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coopermays said...

Hi. This year got my first computer out of necessity and learning how communicate with this little vehicle. Happened upon this google blogging site and opened one for myself earlier this year, and then recently found you can put pictures on it. ( Now, this week seeing the catalog for the first time. Happy to find your site, you are in my old territory there in central North Carolina. I had a pottery business south of Chapel Hill for many years and loved it. Had the privilege of working with several potters in the area, and am attempting to reestablish contact with some. Have had good time getting in touch with Ed Weintraub and Joyce Bryan in Chatham. I worked with some of the potters there in Seagrove many years ago, very wonderful experience. My son and I ( moved from North Carolina to Costa Rica. Last year I opened my new studio and gallery here in Playa Junquillal, Gauanacaste, on the west coast of Costa Rica. The move happened before much investigation about the market or getting supplies. These issues are challenges, but it is working its way out. So happens I ended up near an area that is known for its pottery, Guaitil is somewhat like the Seagrove of Costa Rica, located about 25 miles from us. Will be watching your site for news, of Seagrove activites, and what else is happening in the Piedmont pottery community. Warm Regards to you and thanks again for doing your site. Martha Cooper