Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Pox on my Agate Yunomis

O.K. I have been called out by the blog master himself, Michael Kline.  My agate ware experiment, of which I was highly confident in a successful outcome, humbled me mercilessly.  It is one thing to feel confident in private, but to share that confidence upfront as a blogger to the world is a little too revealing.  And then to get caught in a cover up....thanks Michael. Because the agate post was a while back, the temptation to ignore the outcome was easy for us to do.  But oh no, people actaully do read this and remember.  

Here are the results of the agate Yunomis.  One of the clays, the darkest I used, could not reach the temperature that I fired these cups to.   The dark clay bloated.   I should of known this because in previous use, a very long time ago, the dark clay was obviously riding the edge. Luckily I did not fire them all at once, and I now have quite a few pieces too develop a lower temperature glaze for.
Ed was elated that he gets to keep these cups for his own use.  

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Alex Solla said...

Boy, that blebbing is something else! I had that happen once to a bad batch of mud I made in school. Figured subbing one red clay was the same as another. Oops. Definitely melted differently.

I think originally I envisioned these as being unglazed on the exterior.

The yunomi that succeeded (both yours and Samantha's) are simply amazing! I am sure the show at Akar is going to top notch.