Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Samantha's Yunomis for AKAR 2009

Here are my (Samantha's) Yunomis for the upcoming online exhibition at AKAR.  They were exciting to do because I took the opportunity to try some ideas that have been peculating in my head.   It was pleasing to have some of them come out successfully and they will pave the way for further explorations on other forms.

The AKAR Yunomi exhibition opens up on March 27th, 2009.  This will be an online sale.  Interested parties should register ahead of time, before the mornings opening, because the pieces sell swiftly.


Michael Kline said...

Very NICE. I like the one next to the last the best. The shape reminds me of a M Simon cup I used to have from the early eighties. Nice proportions. Good luck with the sale!

JLK said...

Nice work!!I like them all.

Art Department Store said...

Kudos, Samantha!!! These are great

Diane Mead

cookingwithgas said...

my favorite is number 5-
but then there is number 3- and then again the one with what looks like floating ballons------

Linda Starr said...

Just beautiful, the glazing on some of them vaguely reminds me of leopard skin or giraffe markings.

Bruce and Samantha said...

Thanks All. They were fun to do.