Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Catawba Valley Pottery Festival Kiln is Firing Today

Samantha is putting glaze dots onto Bruce's jug

The past few days we have been busily glazing and loading the gas kiln.  I usually continue to glaze while Bruce loads the kiln.  We have decided to schedule two days for loading the kiln.  We find that it is easier on Bruce's back to spread the loading and lifting, instead of trying to do it all in one day.  
On Sunday afternoon, I enjoyed listening to the Grateful Dead channel.  I am getting psyched about the upcoming shows.  My brother got Bruce and I tickets to the Greensboro and Charlottesville Dead Shows.  This will be my 11th or so show and Bruce's FIRST!!!  I can't believe Bruce has never seen a Dead show.   When Gloria and Ed were helping Saturday morning, they got to the studio first and were listening to the Elvis Presley channel, our first time but not the last.  The next morning they had on a channel called Escape.  After about a couple of songs we figured out why they called the channel Escape. I think the name can have two different meanings depending on your point of view, and I believe Bruce and I have a different view of Escape then Ed.  We decided that since they are so generous in helping us in the studio, they can have a little control over the music selection as well.

Samantha is waxing the inside of Bruce's pitchers.  This way the pitcher can be glazed upside down and not have the outside glaze get on the inside glaze.

Here is Bruce carrying one of his jugs to the kiln.

Bruce is setting the second jug into the kiln.

Here is Bruce loading the front of the kiln.

Now we are ready to brick up the door and turn the kiln on!  We are happy about this kiln load, and were able to fill it full of functional pottery!  Wooh Hooooo!  We love pots.

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Michael Mahan said...

That's a lot of dots, Samantha.
Good luck with the firing and the show.