Thursday, March 26, 2009

Great day and wonderful visit with our friends

Jeff Adelberg (left) is visiting from Boston with his parents Rachel Frew and Richard Liebhart
Here they are with their selections

The first time we met Richard and Rachel we talked for a long time about his adventures in Turkey as an archaeologist.  Jeff  joined in on the visits and they come to see us periodically throughout the year.  It is always a great visit and we enjoy our conversations about old pots, old tools, Greek pots and how did the Greek potters make the very fine exquisite rendered raised lines?  
They picked out some really nice pieces from the kiln we unloaded this afternoon.  

Below Rachel selected the two plates.

Here are three of the pieces that Jeff selected

I think they make a sweet pair.

Gloria, Ed, and Bruce are busily polishing,and grinding the pots as I write this post.
 Many of these pots are bound for the Catawba Valley Pottery Festival in Hickory, NC tomorrow.

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Michael Mahan said...

What? Is it customer appreciation week or something? I posted about some of my customers today.

Nice post, and great pots.