Sunday, March 8, 2009

Great White Oak Gallery: Seagrove Pottery

A few days ago I visited Benjamin and Bonnie Burns to pick up rack card fliers announcing Celebration of Spring in Seagrove.    The Seagrove Potters are announcing two events: April 4 we are having a community wood firing at the North Carolina Pottery Center which is coinciding with the closing reception of the Owen/Owens exhibition, and the April 18th and 19th spring kiln openings which is on the same day as the Saturday annual fundraising auction for the North Carolina Pottery Center.

Below is Benjamin's and Bonnie's pottery shop and it is where they make and glaze their pottery.  Their shop is located in downtown Seagrove right beside the Duck Smith House Bed and Breakfast.  I love the color Benjamin painted his house.
Benjamin was busy throwing pots when I dropped by.  He is a prolific potter and has wonderful designs and deep reduction colors.  I am particularly drawn to his white over tenmoku glaze.  I have my eye on a rectangular tray that was there in his pottery gallery.  I liked holding it and could easily envision serving cheese and crackers on it.  That tray is definitely haunting me since I touched it. 

Here is a grouping of Benjamin Burns pottery. It is only a sampling of what he has on display in his house.

Bonnie was there too, busily knitting a purse.  She has many talents.  I wish I had an image of her colorful and soft wrap around skirts that she has been designing and sewing.  I want one of those too.
Bonnie throws and glazes her pottery in tropical colors and images.  The strawberry salt and pepper shakers on the far right are a lot of fun.   I have a pear salt shaker..or is it a pepper pear shaker?  There sounds like a tongue twister in there somewhere.

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Michael Mahan said...

Peter Piper picked up a pear salt shaker and put it beside the pepper pear shaker?

Nice post.